Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Civil War Swords in Reenactments

Hey out there. It's been a while since my last post and I hope you don't hold it against me. It seems that since we moved back to Texas there hasn't been much spare time. Luckily there has been some work available but that's slowed down and we're pretty well settled in now so maybe I'll get back on schedule.

You'll notice the last post was on Civil War weapons and their use in reenactments. So why do we put swords (and knives) in a different category? Because there was such a wide variety of swords used in the Civil War. Both Confederate and US armies and navies had swords and sabers that were divided into officer and enlisted swords as well as different types or styles for infantry and cavalry. Even the musicians had their own swords! And we can't forget the fighting knives such as the Arkansas Toothpick and the famous Bowie knife.

The see all of these swords and knives go to the Civil -War-Costumes.com 's Civil War Reenactment department's Civil War Swords pages. You are welcome to just look around as there are plenty of swords and knives there. If you would be interested in owning one of the classic replicas you'll find some of the best prices on the Internet. You may even want to go on over to the Civil War Relics department and check the authentic swords, knives and other relics that were actually used in the Civil War.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Civil War Weapons for Reenactments

Now we're getting down to the brass tacks of reenactment gear. The replica weapons of the Civil War. As a reenactor you'll want to have your guns and associated gear looking as real as possible. Well, the answer to that is easy now days. All of the Civil War weapons are available on the Internet as replicas of the original. Whether you're looking for a replica of an early musket, a rifle or a pistol chances are you can find it online.

One great example of Civil War pistols would be the M1860 Army Issue Revolver. The gun was a .44 caliber, six shot, front-loader that took linen or paper cartridges. Another example is the Model 1861 Navy Issue six shot cap and ball revolver that fired .36 caliber balls. Of course, you'll be needing bullet molds, reenactment paper cartridges, belts and holsters to go with these pistols. All weapons and the required gear for these weapons can easily be found in our store's Civil War Weapons pages.

Don't forget the long guns of the Civil War! The Colt Model 1855 Revolving Rifle is but one fine example. Another would be the classic rifle of the Civil War, the .44 caliber Henry Repeating Lever Action Rifle. You can find this beautiful rifle and other weapons as well as other Civil War reenactment weapons at the Civil-War-Costumes,com store's Civil War Reenactment Headquarters. Be sure to check out the rifle slings and cartridge boxes, all at some of the lowest prices on the Internet!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Civil War Reenactment Belts and Buckles

Now that you've got your uniforms and head gear what is the next item on the Civil War reenactors list?  Whether you're in a Union or Confederate outfit you're going to need something to hold those uniform pants up so I'd say it would be a genuine looking reproduction Civil War belt and buckle. The oval US buckle of the North and Confederate CSA buckle are but two of the most widely used.

Of course there are other types too. The two piece, various different states and officers buckles are available. The best place to find these and other buckles is at http://www.civil-war-costumes.com/ store's Civil War Reenactment Headquarters. You'll find a huge inventory there all at the best Internet prices. On lots of items you can even name your own prices!

If you prefer you can always go to the store's Civil War Relics Home and find an authentic Civil War era belt buckle. Even though you'll pay more for the genuine article you'll still be getting the best Internet prices for what you're getting. And the opportunity to name your own price as well.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Civil War Hats

Civil war hats are a necessary part of the reenactors uniform. Both the Union and Confederate armys and navies had a uniform hat. The most widely used was the kepi hat. The enlisted and officers kepis vary by braid and insignia. Another type of hat popular at Civil War Reenactments is the bummer hat and is similar to the regular kepi but generally has a higher top or crown that is slanted down towards the cap's bill.

Where you find cavalry you'll you'll find the famous, and hugely popular, full brimmed cavalry hat. This hat is not only popular with Civil War reenactors but with the general public too. People not versed in the Civil War recognise this hat as the one John Wayne and other Hollywood movie actors made famous!

This is just a sampling of the Civil War hats you'll find at the Civil War Reenactment Headquarters. Mosey on over to our Civil-War-Costumes.com online store and check out the inventory and great Internet prices. You'll be glad you did.